bitcoinbuy bitcoin Social media advisor and practitioner helping individuals, organisations and brands articulate their stories with the help of the social web. Founder of BlogALife – Social Media Literacy platform. 

Personal coach working with individuals wishing to understand, manage and own their own goals with the help of tech and social media. Word of mouth marketer advising nonprofits and commercial brands on informed, realistic, sustainable digital strategies. Consultant supporting clients in understanding the growing range of choices related to their on-line activities and in making decisions benefiting their personal careers and organisational goals.

Event speaker and educator passionate about children in tech, women in tech, tech for social good. Founder of BarcampNFP, unconference bringing together tech and non-profits, and Wantage Pixel Club, local club promoting usage of video games for education. 

Active social media practitioner, blogger and writer. Event and citizen journalist. Transmedia reporter. Exhibiting and selling photographer. Author of ‘Wantage Tales’ documentary. 

Co-Chair of Wantage Summer Festival. Trustee of Wantage Betjeman Park


Sylwia fb


‘You give me real sense of balance and possibility with expressing myself.
It’s like you allow me a roadmap to my self-expression.
You are like a cartographer for my social media.’
Karen Roswell, photographic artist and activist, client



Susan Cain posted an interesting little philosophy quiz on Facebook last night and I took it – that’s my way of relaxing from work –...
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Hiding my body

I was asked today why I am hiding my body and that question really surprised me. It’s interesting how in the world of social media...
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My son is a feminist

You are so sweet! We passed a man in the Market Place today who mentioned ‘the traffic man’ to his very cute and obedient children...
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Better Together

‘Better Together’ was our favourite son since the first year of your life. Life was terrifying back then but you and me were in our...
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Water, fire, stones

  You are a smart boy, but so sensitive to sounds! We have experienced a horrific sound today – something happened in the centre of...
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Not a review!

Shame on me. I was so ill in Geneva (migraine, cold etc) that I did not try them out – even though I was tempted...
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Birthday coffee

Somehow my Birthday must be cursed, really. I never ever really have time to enjoy it. Or it’s just of my own doing? Maybe I...
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Christmas coffee treats

Christmas means treats, coffee treats. Ask me about my Christmas? Well, first of all my family from Italy presented the Pocket Coffee chocolates! Liquid coffee inside...
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Quiet trees

Sometimes I am so glad you can see through trees – they are so still and quiet. So invisible. Yet, they hear all our words,...
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Skies over Europe

Two days in Geneva and on the way back home. What a weird trip. I was ever so ill this week and I fear it’s...
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I love this little tree in front of our church. It makes the church walls ever so interesting.