The Ethics Guy on Obama's first days

It's good to see post on ethics among other reactions to Obama's victory. Bruce Weinstein, also known as the Ethics Guy, posted an article in Business Week regarding ethical considerations of new presidency. Referring to earlier proposed rules of govern behaviour Bruce is proposing a universal code of ethics pretty useful to the new president. Let me just mention his key points, before you go to the original post for more details:

1. Do no harm.

2. Keep your promises.

3. Tell the truth.

4. Protect the privacy.

5. Manage your time.

6. Apologize when appropriate.

7. Be compassionate.

I do not want to add more on those - simply think about the key points as they are, before you even read his post - don't you think they are relevant to any government, political leader or manager even?

I do. But I would love to see what you think!
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