My CV infographic for Marketing Academy


Some of you might know already, others might have seen my posts on Facebook and Twitter that I have been kindly nominated to the Marketing Academy. Apart from my CV and recommendations by the 14th of March I need to submit 2 min long pitch on why I want to take part in this scholarship. 

Someone asked me the other day why - on the top of everything I do and plan to do nowadays - do I even consider Marketing Academy. Paulo Coelho posted something quite relevant on Facebook today:

Many people are afraid to pursue their dreams because they feel they don’t deserve them.

I agree with Coelho that there are people out there who this this way. Actually I even think we ALL feel this way at some stage in our life, but that's completely the opposite of the inner force that has driven most of the decisions and actions at key stages of my life. I had quiet and sad times but for some - for me sometimes even unexplained reason - I have always been the person who embraced the challenges and opportunities. So...the race for 25 places at the Marketing Academy is on. I have asked my clients, colleagues and friends to provide me with testimonials - which in itself is a great experience, believe me! Another part of my pitch is this infographic prepared based on my brief by an old friend from Budapest - Bari Mariusz aka Damage. It's good to go back to that part of my life and times when my fascination with the potential of technology has started and look at where I am today. I really, really hope that I can make it to the chosen team of Marketing Academy and I hope this visual will help the judges understand why I am the right person. Help me out - share it, share your testimonial, cast your vote of support! 

As always, I will be very grateful for all your support! Enjoy this little shot of coffee;) 

 Full size available on my Flickr account here